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VII B2B-Congress “Industrial Oils and Cutting Fluids 2023”

Engen participated in the B2B-Congress “Industrial Oils and Cutting Fluids in Metallurgy, Metalworking and Mechanical Engineering 2023”. The Congress is a traditional meeting place for manufacturers and suppliers of oils, lubricants and coolants. The meeting took place at the Metalworking 2023 exhibition that annually gathers leading experts from Russia, the CIS, the Far East, Southeast Asia and other regions of the world.

During the congress, representatives of Rosneft Lubricants presented the results of their research. They talked about the transition from imported components to domestic raw materials, as well as about successful cases of using Russian-made lubricants. However, it is not easy for owners of gas power plants to change the paradigm of competition in the lubricants market. Companies operating in the distributed energy market are not ready to switch to oils produced in Russia due to the lack of analytical data that would allow stating with a high degree of certainty that oil does not impair equipment operation. Thus, owners of power equipment are primarily concerned with selecting a reliable supplier capable of providing the highest quality materials under current conditions. Only expert companies such as Engen can act as such supplier.