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Gas Genset Hyundai 12H35/40GV

Product specifications
Model: 12H35/40GV
Manufacturer: Hyundai
Electric power, kW: 5558
Heat power, kW: 3952
Generator voltage, kV: 0.4; 6.3; 10.5
Fuel: Natural/associated gas
Dimensions, mm: 10925 х 2650х 4750
Max electrical efficiency: 45.8%
H35/40G(V) generator sets are provided with an automation system based on a programmable logic controller for control and indication as well as for engine protection.
The system is independently installed in each engine and can also be connected to a remote system such as main engine control panel via communication cables.

In addition, in order to ensure reliable operation within the framework of environmental legislation and optimal combustion, the following functions are provided by the automatics:
  • Safety/Monitoring
  • Start/stop control
  • Speed/power control
  • Air-to-fuel ratio control
  • Control/detection of knocking combustion
  • Control of the gas control unit
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