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Engen LLC is a fast-growing and modern company. Personnel are the main value of the company, so implementing a people-centered policy is a priority for us.
The Company is proud of each of our employees and strives to do everything possible to make people feel that the Company cares about them. We ensure the necessary conditions for self-realization of our employees, their professional development, advanced training, and career growth.

We provide the following guarantees to our employees:
- Official employment in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, salary + bonus, full social package.
- Transportation to and from work is covered by the Company.
- Accommodation in comfortable dormitories / rented apartments.
- Reimbursing expenses for sporting activities (gym, fitness club, swimming pool, etc.).
- Competitive salary, system of bonuses and benefits.
- We ensure labor safety and social guarantees.
- Modern personal protective equipment and special-purpose clothing.
- Safe and comfortable working conditions.
  • Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment
    • Participating in the maintenance of CAT, MWM, MTU, Cummins, Rolls-Royce gas generator sets;
    • Detection and elimination of complex faults;
    • Electrical continuity check and check of cable insulation for disruptive discharge using megohmmeter;
    • Phasing of high-voltage cables.
    Please send your CV to 806@engen.ru
  • Technician for operation and repair of gas equipment
    • Monitoring the operation of CAT, MWM, MTU, Cummins, Rolls-Royce gas genset equipment;
    • Participating in maintenance;
    • Implementing measures to keep the equipment and premises of the energy complex clean;· Operation and repair of gas equipment;
    • Ensuring the smooth operation of equipment.
    Please send your CV to 806@engen.ru
  • I&C Technician
    • Taking part in developing current and prospective plans of preventive maintenance and repair of equipment (CAT, MWM, MTU, Cummins, Rolls-Royce gas gensets);
    • Detection and elimination of complex faults;
    • Diagnostics of generating equipment;- Parameterization;
    • Control over performing preventive maintenance and testing instrumentation and automation equipment;
    • Preparation and Participating in drawing up technical specifications for designing automatic control system, its individual stages and subsystems, as well as in developing the basic and detailed design;
    • Participating in developing operation and maintenance/repair manuals for I&C equipment, ACS and automated process control system, safe work practices during the automation equipment maintenance;
    • Participating in the final adjustment and tuning of automated control systems, analysis of the causes of failures and violations in the system;
    • Participating in drawing up technical specifications for equipment upgrading; · Optimizing the performance of I&C and automation.
    Please send your CV to 806@engen.ru
  • Lead Design Engineer

    • Participating in drawing up tasks for the development of design solutions.
    • Participating in collecting initial (input) design data, in solving technical issues on assigned facilities throughout the entire period of facility design and commissioning.·
    • Linking the adopted design solutions with the design solutions on other sections.· Ensuring the compliance of developed projects and technical documentation with standards, specifications and other regulatory documents on design.
    • Preparing initial (input) data for design.·
    • Performing preliminary calculations.· Issuing design documentation for assignments performed by the Company.·
    • Calculation of loads, short circuit currents, grounding and lightning protection systems.·
    • Collection and compilation of initial (input) data for designing the Architectural Designs sections.·
    • Collection and compilation of initial (input) data for designing Power Supply sections and Power Electrical Equipment sections.·
    • Designing diesel power plants, CHP plants, boiler houses.·
    • Designing 0.4kV and 6.3/10kV switchgears.· Designing 0.4/6.3/10kV distribution networks.·
    • Coordinating design concepts with the Customer and related organizations.
    Please send your CV to 806@engen.ru