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Malmyzh substation

Outdoor Switchgear and Relay Protection and Automation equipment of the Malmyzh substation for Amur Minerals LLC

110 kV

Solutions used
Automation of a power facility

Hardware and software
110 kV outdoor switchgear consisting of: 110 kV circuit breaker, disconnect switch (2 pcs.), voltage transformer (3 pcs.), current transformer (3), voltage limiter (4), earthing switch (1), bus support insulators (3);Relay protection and automation; 10 kV, 4000 A, 8000 A air-insulated busbars (770 m total length); 35 kV, 3150 A, 5000 A air-insulated busbars (520 m total length).
  • Development and supply of automated
    control system.
  • Installation and supervised
  • Commissioning and start-up.
Competent, well-qualified specialists that not only fulfill every single task but also suggest on improving the existing equipment systems. Regular HSE improvement events.
— A.N. Sychev, Capital City LLC CEO

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